Drawing Inspiration

There are many things which inspire me & the common thread tying them all together is the urge to literally draw them.  Today I thought I would share a couple of the recent sketches & drawings of my recent inspired finds.  In addition are some reference photos I have taken of some wonderful natural objects I found recently & cannot wait to start exploring with my pen.

Have you  been wondering about how I’ve been taking some of my recent photographs which seem to almost “float” on the screen?  It’s really very simple and you can take them too.  Simply construct a 3-sided “corner” out of white foam board or mat board.  I used a few pieces of foam board that I have been saving since my senior art show in college…go ahead and call it being a pack-rat, I just call it being resourceful.  According to the pictures below, carefully line up the edges and tape on the outside with any type of tape, or use white artist tape in the inside.

Inside of box (with horrible lighting!)

Outside of box (My cats love to use this as a fort).

Your pictures will typically have better results if taken with natural light during the day~ night time interior lights often produce a yellow hue.  Rotate the corner until you are content with the lighting and shadows, snap away, & adjust any brightness or coloring needed on your computer.  All of the examples shown here were altered using a program called Photoscape, adjusting the brightness & depth.  Have fun constructing your own ~ Enjoy!

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