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Hitting Reset for the Season…

It’s amazing how the start of each new season is almost like hitting reset.  Spring cleaning, trips to the transfer station, more song birds arriving, and more time for designing!  With each new season there are new possibilities and new goals to work towards.  One of my goals this spring has been to overhaul my online presence with a fresh new line of products in the Etsy shop and a brand new look (and domain) for my website!  While I am still in the process of developing my new site you can still check out Borealchick Designs archives when you click here.

While I often seem to have these great pie-in-the-sky ideas of what I would love to accomplish, I’m trying to stay reasonable this spring.  I’ll be content with crossing off even just a few.  Here are some of the items that I have already accomplished & a few more I’d like to give a whirl ~ What have you put on your spring reset list?

Spring Reset List…So Far:

~ Add new items to my shop (Done!)

~ Switch over to new site (Done!)

~ Clean out my closet and get rid of old clothes (Done!)

~ Write up a more structured program plan for nature journal programs with kids

~ Clean & organize my studio which has unfortunately become a mass dumping ground

~ Rake out the area for this years potato garden

~ Complete a few knitting projects that have suffered sue to cold finger tips in cold weather :(

~ Shower (I always put this on to-do lists so that everyday I can at least cross something off!)

Here are a few images of what an organized studio may look like…I only wish I believed in fairies or elves as maybe they would just come and do it for me.

Before & After: Art Studio Transformation via Design Sponge

Artist Nathalie Lete's Paris studio via Angelina*A Style

A view of Denise Sharp's studio I found looking through Apartment Therapy's site. I think I just want to go work there instead of cleaning!

Another organized shot from Denise's studio. I do love when all my pencils an markers are in one place like this since I constantly seem to be misplacing them!

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