Hello Spring…You are EVERYWHERE !

Well I guess we made it through another winter….right?  When spring arrived last week it felt a bit more like summer in our valley up in the mountains.  Even MY daffodils are coming up!

Several weeks back I discovered a great site called Discover Paper and as I dug deeper found out the creator, Donaville Herrick, was working on launching a new site, Dearest Nature.  While Dearest Nature is still in the finishing stages, Donaville has already been packing the Dearest Nature blog with a variety of natural & handmade items to inspire, from fine arts, to handcrafted pottery, typography, fashion and more.

This week Dearest Nature introduced a project called Spring Pickin’s  and the idea is to photograph the beauty of nature that one might happen to see through out spring.  I decided I had to participate because this is a “project” that I impose on myself year round!  Here are some great images I have taken in the past few weeks during life and travels.  The first few are from my trip to Brooksville, Florida where spring was already settling in, but the last is my favorite.  Amazing to believe I am normally still skiing on the trail where I captured this unexpected shot on the first day of spring.  Enjoy!

All photographs were taken by Kelli Shedd 2012
Spring Pickin's
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